Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Penguins

Here is another painting that I did for the penguin project that I mentioned in my last post. The interesting thing about this one is that the art director gave me a sketch for the composition to follow. I've never had an art director do that before, but I actually didn't mind because I think the composition is fantastic. I'm definitely storing it away in my head to use some other time. In my own compositions, I tend to feel like every corner of the page needs to be filled with something, so to leave so much white was new for me, but I think it came out really balanced. As I said before, I had a blast doing this book, I loved giving all of these penguins their own personality:-) Hope you all are having a good week, weekends almost here! Until next time:-)


Kate said...

Very cute. Yes, it is a strong composition, and maybe the start of a fresh way of looking at composition for you (although I love how detailed your own compositions are).

Thanx for your comments on my blog....yes, let's exchange links. :)

Sherry Rogers said...

This is adorable Joni! I am like you I have a tendency to fill a page up more. I love white space when I see it used and am always envious that others do it so easily and am trying to incorporate it more often in my work. It really does let your eyes rest and enjoy the composition.

Love your work!

The Doodle Factory said...

Hey Joni, I added both your blogs to my reader pages and links :)

I personally love illustrations that have every inch packed with something to look at, but there definitely is simple strength in properly applied white space.

I actually have the opposite problem where all of my characters just have a tendency of floating in white space and I never know how to incorporate them into a scene myself.