Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finished Painting

Here is my finished version of the last value rough I showed. I had fun doing this painting. I've never done anything the least bit spooky, so it was a nice change for me. I had someone ask what the story is behind it when I posted the value rough. Its not a story I made up, it was from a novel I had read awhile ago. There was a scene in the book when these three boys are camping out in their backyard and decide to sneak out and go searching in the woods for the family ghost that has haunted the house for generations. What illustrator wouldn't want to draw that! The ghost in the book was blond and always wore a white dressing gown. I stuck true to that, but used my imagination for the three boys. Anyway, as I said, it was fun for me to do and I hope you like it!

1 comment:

Piya said...

It came out lovely. I didn't mention this before, but I love the hair.